Supremix is first transformation in Season 1 after Butterflix and before Mermaidix . It is the parallel transformation with Mermaidix and also the main transformation of Season 1.


Supremix fairies wear colorful clothing with stripes. The hair is often lowered or is lowered in the form of beets, and may be collected by, and the decorations on the hair is crowns of flower and often hair can be without it. The wings are large or medium sized. The wings are often one, two or more colors, and often have lines.


To obtain Supremix, fairies must find Lotos of ancient power that is in the Garden of magical crystals .

Magical AbilitiesEdit

Supremix fairies can use special powers on a daily basics or in the convergence. Supremix power stems from ultimate element who were in control of the first fairies of Supremix.

Each fairy has its own special power and special power that can be used daily:

Special power that can be used only in the convergence:

Known Supremix FairiesEdit



  • The name Supremix comes from the word "supreme".
  • Supremix is also the first transformation of the this serie.
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