The first season of Winx Club My Version known as Winx Club Your Fantasy is a collection of poems and drawings and stories. It started with a presentation on 29 December 2016. All the videos of songs were done in


In this season Winx will reveal how ancient things kept many secrets. They will be looking for Supremix powers to succeed to finish their mission and stop Trix again. Meanwhile awaken new enemies. Winx will discover a whole new school of magic and fairies that go into it. Also they will receive new power of Mermaidix.


  1. Strange Jewels
  2. Bridge of Love
  3. The Secret of the Lotus
  4. Lord of the Phoenix
  5. Great Earthquake
  6. The Birth of a Butterfly
  7. Fiery Pacific
  8. Terrible Labyrinth
  9. Garden of Supremix
  10. Meteor
  11. Night Shooting Star
  12. Altea
  13. Evil Plan
  14. Party for Princesses
  15. Mermaidix
  16. Snow Curse
  17. Warm Heart
  18. Colorful Sky
  19. Rays of Life
  20. Dark Volcano
  21. The Magical Flowering
  22. Sea ​​of ​​Trouble
  23. Radiant Creatures
  24. Golden Sea Beach
  25. Ancient Treasure
  26. Song of Mermaids


Supremix is the first transformation of this season and the first transformation in begining of Winx Club My Version



Season 1 Logo first version


Season 1 Logo second version

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Season 1 Logo third version

Informations about Winx Club My Version

Informations about Winx Club My Version

Season 1 trailer at the end

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