Mermaidix is the temporary and second transformation of Season 1. It is also the parallel transformation with Supremix.


The outfits are mostly resembles mermaid outfits combined with plant and other features. Each fairy has mermaid tale with decorations of the plants, stars and others. Hair is normally behind as mermaid hair with different decorations. The wings are small or medium with decorations.


The fairies must show courage in front of the Ancient Turtle

Magical AbilitiesEdit

The power of Mermaidix gives fairy to quick swim in the ocean like a mermaid and to uses spells freely in the water.

Known Tynix FairiesEdit



  • The name Mermaidix comes from the word "mermaid".
  • Unlike Supremix, Mermaidix was done in the gluing effect.
  • Unlike others only Bloom is not in gluing effect.
  • Background is similar as in Supremix only with the higher circles.
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